About Us


The Association of Women Educators (AWE) is a national organisation that was founded in 1983.
We work actively to further the full participation of women and girls in all aspects of today’s world.

Our focus areas:

  • encourage and support women, so that they can effectively pursue their chosen career
  • respond to issues of concern for women both in education and the wider community
  • eliminate all forms of discrimination in curriculum, institutional practices, and education policies
  • lobby for further reforms and change to enhance the position of women in education and the wider community.
  • undertake research projects and promotional activities that further our objectives.

Over the last four decades, AWE has achieved significant outcomes through the delivery of national events, activities and projects. The Association’s ongoing work is greatly supported by the acquisition of National and State grants.

AWE Student Wellbeing Officers in QLD primary schools

Student wellbeing officers support the general wellbeing of students, providing an additional adult role model in the school, and enhancing engagement with the broader community as well as complementing the work of guidance officers. The Qld government provides funding to schools in low socio-economic areas with enrolments over 100 students and several of them have engaged AWE as their provider of choice.