Ukraine's Witch


Olha Bihar was a lawyer in Kyiv while completing her PhD in tax law. Then Russia invaded Ukraine. Now she is an artillery officer with the call sign Witch. She uploads videos to TikTok about life on the front lines to help spread the word about what is happening. See her version of a Nail Salon in the video in this ABC article.

Sotheby's Stuffs Up

Sotheby’s organised an auction of Glitch Art NFTs by recognised artists. Patrick Amadon was the first to pull his work when it was pointed out that not one female digital artist was represented, making the point that it was ironic because some of the best-known Glitch artists were women. Other male artists followed. Sotheby’s redressed the gender balance and relaunched in April 2023.

Not sure what Glitch Art is? Amadon’s work.

Brains behind GPT

Mira Murati is an engineer who is currently Chief Technology Officer at OpenAI. She is the brain behind ChatGPT, an AI language model that has revolutionised the way we interact with machines. 

Article in Global Woman

Space Flight Director

Dr Makenzie Lystrup has been appointed director of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center (April 2023), which has a $4 billion portfolio and workforce of 10,000 scientists and engineers.

NASA Article

Smuggled to Antarctica

Image:© Australian Antarctic Division

In 1961 women were not allowed to visit Antarctica but artist Nelle (Nel) Law became the first Australian woman to set foot on Australian Antarctic Territory after she was smuggled aboard a research ship by her husband. Apparently, the outcry was very loud!

ABC News Profile: Smuggled to Antarctica

So. This happened…

Australia’s leader of the opposition – Peter Dutton – struggles with the concept of a woman deputy speaker. He is called out for misgendering her during a debate in December 2022, after which he continued to improperly address her. Watch the count (1.46 mins).

That speech: A decade later

Julia Gillard reflects on the most famous speech ever made in the Australian parliament in an interview with David Wenham (2.47 min).

Want to hear it again?

I will not be lectured to about sexism and misogyny by this man.

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