Gendered violence is an epidemic in Australia.


(The killing of women and girls because they are female).

Counting Dead Women is the main project of  Destroy The Joint (DTJ), which is an online Australian feminist group, founded in 2012 by Sydney Morning Herald writer Jenna Price, after 2GB broadcaster Alan Jones criticised then Prime Minister Julia Gillard and stated that women were “destroying the joint’. The project, which is organised through the group’s Facebook page, tracks how many Australian women die by violence simply because of their gender each year.

2024   Watch the count…

2023     63 women killed
2022    50 women killed
2021    43 women killed
2020    60 women killed
2019    66 women killed

Gender assault in Australia

  • Almost 10 women a day are hospitalised for assault injuries perpetrated by a partner.
  • Young women (18–34 years) experience significantly higher rates of physical and sexual violence.
  • There is evidence that women with disability are more likely to experience violence.
  • 1 in 5 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women aged 15 and over has experienced physical violence in a 12-month period.
  • Family violence is a leading driver of homelessness for women [OurWatch].


4 in 5 family violence offenders are men.

Men’s violence against women seeks to exert patriarchal forms of power and control that privilege men’s role in decision-making, in private and public life, and access to resources …. there are strong links between ….patterns of masculinity, men’s sexist attitudes and behaviours, and men’s perpetration of violence against women [National Action Plan P.33].

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Change the story

    OurWatch is an independent not-for-profit organisation that implemented a shared framework for the primary prevention of violence against women in Australia several years ago. It has been evaluated and updated, with the second edition published in 2021.

    The current Framework is built around seven elements. It takes the perspective that violence against women is a preventable human rights abuse that is damaging Australian society.

    See Framework here.