AWE Journal – On the Edge

Linda Oakley

The writing of this editorial is a first for me. I’m sitting in Changi Airport, Singapore, composing on my new iPad! Given the nature of the articles in this edition of Redress, it somehow seems appropriate that I should be surrounded by the most eclectic collection of human beings in this very multi-cultural land. Looking around me I can see women from a wide range of ethnic groups, from teenage Chinese girls in their very neat school uniforms to Moslem women in their traditional headdress to Indian women in their colourful saris. I’m sure amongst them would also be a range of sexual preferences, religious beliefs and cultural practices. All of that information is of course hidden from me, but they are the areas that our contributors have discussed with authority.

Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli illuminates the issue of invisibility for bisexual women, Georgina Tsolidis explores how feminine identity is linked to cultural identity, Grace Samuel-Oryem, a Sudanese woman, explains the influence of traditional African cultures on the lives of many African women refugees, Julie McLeod discusses citizenship in what is fast becoming a policy vacuum in terms of gender, Debbie Ollis hopes that promoting respectful relationships will help to eliminate gender-based violence, and finally the STEPPs program for supporting young mothers is examined.

This is a very interesting issue and I hope you enjoy reading the articles as much as I plan to enjoy my trip to Europe!