Interventions for ICT

Jenine Beekhuyzen
Researcher, lecturer, consultant

Jenine write about the under-representation of women studying and working in Information and Communication Technology careers, which is a long-standing problem. Whilst ICT continues to be increasingly accepted and integrated into everyday life, gender stereotypes prevail in the media and turn female students away from ICT as an occupation. The lack of understanding of what an ICT person does in their day-to-day work is also a barrier.

There is an overview of one intervention aimed specifically at encouraging middle-school girls into ICT study and careers. She has been personally involved in presenting and organising one of these events for ten years, and comments that it is hard work.

There is also commentary on what is needed to sustain these events and the difficulties associated with accurately evaluating outcomes. In her experience, recruiting younger girls is easier and she believes it is important to continue to contact them before they have started to firm up their career choices.