Setbacks and Slipups

Stuff that gets in the way of common sense.

Jetstar wins AWE’s wooden spoon for topping the companies with a truly awful gender pay gap.

Gender Pay Gap Revealed

The publication in February 2024 of  data on the status of workplace gender equality covering more than 5 million employees in Australia is welcome. 

Some surprises in the size of the disparity in some industries but the same old rationales are trotted out.  Usually it comes down to masses of women in lower ranks of a company and a handful of blokes at the top.

ABC News provides names of companies along with the size of the gender pay gap. ABC News 4 March, 2024.

Latrobe Ladies Football Club 1921. Image:  State Library of Queensland

Too successful. Has to stop.

A crowd of 10,000 turned up to the Gabba in Brisbane to watch Australia’s first public match in 1921. It was doing well in England too, but proceeds from some women’s matches were being donated to charities as revenue was not controlled by the English Football Association. Well! That had to stop. So women’s soccer teams were banned from using football grounds in both England and Australia.

Read more in the National Geographic article.

Marriage Bar - 1902 to 1966

A law was passed in 1902 that booted women from their jobs in the Australian public service once married. Faced with a choice that is difficult to comprehend today, women were required to give up their jobs once they married, leaving many with the choice of relinquishing their paid work or attempting to conceal their new marital status. It wasn’t until 1966, that the Public Service Act was amended, allowing women to retain their permanent status upon marriage.

Sotheby's Slips Up

Sotheby’s organised an auction of Glitch Art NFTs by recognised artists. Patrick Amadon was the first to pull his work when it was pointed out that not one female digital artist was represented, making the point that it was ironic because some of the best-known Glitch artists were women. Other male artists followed. Sotheby’s redressed the gender balance and relaunched in April 2023.

Australia’s leader of the opposition – Peter Dutton – struggles with the concept of a woman deputy speaker. He is called out for misgendering her during a debate in December 2022, after which he continued to improperly address her. Watch the count (1.46 mins).

Taliban decides that Beauty Salons threaten Morality.

KABUL, July 4 , 2023 – Reuters reports that the Taliban administration in Afghanistan has ordered beauty salons to close within a month.

“The deadline for the closing of beauty parlours for women is one month,” Mohammad Sadiq Akif, a spokesperson for the Ministry for the Prevention of Vice and Propagation of Virtue, said on Tuesday, referring to a ministry notice.

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